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If you are looking this kind of content,you have come to the right place.thanks for your patient reading, let us move on.If you are looking this kind of content,you have come to the right place.

What is cool? It’s difficult to identify, impossible to measure, and usually appears spontaneously. If you ask someone what it is, they’ll probably reply that they can’t tell you in exact words, but they know it when they see it. If you are looking this kind of content , you have come to the right place .

But there is one thing every marketer knows about cool—nothing increases sales like cool does. Even though you may be able to reach a large audience, it may not matter if your product isn’t cool enough to ignite a customer’s interest enough to purchase it. In The Cool Factor, Del Breckenfeld shows how a brand can effectively be driven to new heights by partnership marketing with “cool” products, celebrities, musicians, and events that are already established as cool. By the way , if you really like our website , please add our site into your bookmark and facebook .

Not just another how-to book on marketing, The Cool Factor is an exploration into the successes of a world-renowned company through the eyes of an insider. Breckenfeld, head of Entertainment Marketing at Fender® Musical Instruments, the world’s bestselling and most recognizable brand name in electric guitars and amps, draws from his firsthand experiences to reveal how Fender became the coolest name in musical instruments and how marketers at Fender partnered with cool products, people, and events to up their cool factor even more. Some readers say that it’s pretty hard to solve this , but you can read the follow content to ger more information .

With numerous examples from highly recognizable marketing campaigns, Breckenfeld shows how companies in the entertainment business and beyond can offer other firms countless opportunities for partnership marketing—and coolness by association. For any marketer in any industry, The Cool Factor offers invaluable lessons on using product placement, event marketing, charitable causes, the celebrity quotient, and other tactics for tapping the power of cool.


  • Bob Leggett says:

    What an incredible book. Del has truly hit the bullseye with his insightful look at the world of entertainment marketing. I have been educated and inspired and plan to use his advice in the coming years on behalf of my musical clients. Thanks for a job well done!

  • John Ryden says:

    Hi Del, You and I worked together as guitar/bass teachers at Karnes Music 35 years ago. I took over your students when you left to play with Chicago rock band “Buster” with your brother John. I live in Scottsdale and would get a kick out of connecting again. take care. JOHN “FLASH” RYDEN

  • John Ryden says:

    Hi Del,

    You and I taught at Karnes Music on Milwaukee Avenue about 35 years ago. I took over all your guitar/bass students when you and brother John went fulltime with the band “Buster”. I live In Scottsdale, AZ… right down the street from Fender HQ, Scottsdale.

    Do you mind if I use you as a reference to my musical past. I’m looking for a small support position with Fender in Scottsdale. My recent work history is largely corporate IT and Customer Service, and I’m now looking to reconnect with my musical passions as well. I previously taught at Karnes Music, worked at Strum and Drum in Wheeling, IL (eventually part of Kamen) and played Chicago clubs and the midwest for years as a rock and Top40 guitarist.

    It’s great hearing you’ve done well with your musical talents.


    John Ryden

  • Steve Nakon says:

    Just received your book, The Cool Factor, and read the intro and the first chapter-Good Stuff! I l look forward to reading the rest of the book.

    Your friend,

    Steve Nakon

    PS Did you ever get a chance to check out Yoga:Breath and Body?

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