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What Is Cool? It’s hard to define. del-breckfeld-front-page-photosBut there is one thing every marketer does know– nothing increases sales like cool does. In The Cool Factor®, Del Breckenfeld, a long-time marketer at Fender® Musical Instruments Corp., presents an inside look at how Fender became the coolest name in musical instruments and how marketers at Fender partnered with cool products, musicians, and events to up their “cool factor” even more. If you’re a marketer, The Cool Factor® offers lessons for keeping your brand on top. none

“A lifetime of Music, Marketing and building partnerships has made Del the ‘official’ on ‘cool’.”

~ Matt Holt (Publisher, John Wiley & Sons)
“Del Breckenfeld’s The Cool Factor gets the inside story on the music business partnering with major corporations fueling their brands.”

~ Billy F Gibbons (guitarist, singer and songwriter with the multi Platinum ZZ Top and all around “Sharp Dressed Man”)
“The Cool Factor presents a compelling picture on the power of music as a motivator—not just for marketing purposes, but more importantly, for understanding how music making at all ages enriches our everyday lives.”

~ Joe Lamond (President & CEO, NAMM)
“In The Cool Factor, Del Breckenfeld shows us first hand how to get celebrities to partner with corporations for the purpose of positive outreach. Del and Fender® have personally shared their expertise with us throughout the course of many years, specifically helping us raise significant funds for families devastated by Hurricane Katrina. We salute Del and strongly urge readers to pick up this book. It will help you discover how a brand can effectively be catapulted to new heights through partnership marketing with “cool” products, musicians and events.”

~ Don Felder (Former lead guitarist and songwriter of “The Eagles”. Best selling author of “Heaven and Hell, my life in the Eagles 1974 – 2001”)
“Del has no equal when it comes to turning what’s ‘Hip’ into a ‘Hit’. He’s that rare breed who’s mastered the art of combining the very best of music & film and creating ripples of contagious enthusiasm wherever he goes. It’s time Corporate America understood they can create and not just duplicate. The Cool Factor is the best big picture primer I know for anyone looking to “widespread” a little magic.”

~ Dave Phillips (CEO, Corner of The Sky Entertainment | EP, Evan Almighty & Where Music Meets Film, Sundance Film Festival)
What is cool? It’s difficult to identify, impossible to measure, and usually appears spontaneously. If you ask someone what it is, they’ll probably reply that they can’t tell you in exact words, but they know it when they see it. But there is one thing every marketer knows about cool—nothing increases sales like cool does. Even though you may be able to reach a large audience, it may not matter if your product isn’t cool enough to ignite a customer’s interest enough to purchase it. In The Cool Factor ®, Del Breckenfeld shows how a brand can effectively be driven to new heights by partnership marketing with “cool” products, celebrities, musicians, and events that are already established as cool. Not just another how-to book on marketing, The Cool Factor ® is an exploration into the successes of a world-renowned company through the eyes of an insider. Breckenfeld, head of Entertainment Marketing at Fender® Musical Instruments, the world’s bestselling and most recognizable brand name in electric guitars and amps, draws from his firsthand experiences to reveal how Fender became the coolest name in musical instruments and how marketers at Fender partnered with cool products, people, and events to up their cool factor even more. With numerous examples from highly recognizable marketing campaigns, Breckenfeld shows how companies in the entertainment business and beyond can offer other firms countless opportunities for partnership marketing—and coolness by association. For any marketer in any industry, The Cool Factor ® offers invaluable lessons on using product placement, event marketing, charitable causes, the celebrity quotient, and other tactics for tapping the power of cool. Download: The Cool Factor Press Release (Oct. 2008)
After beginning his professional career touring in a band signed to Capitol Records, DEL BRECKENFELD’s career transitioned to the marketing world where he worked for guitar companies, including a 20-year run at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.  Del quickly rose to the forefront of Fender’s Artist Relations and Marketing departments, becoming the company’s Director of Entertainment Marketing based in Southern California.  Before coming to Fender, he worked for Dean Guitars, where he developed a groundbreaking promotional program for Anheuser-Busch, working with some of the most astute marketers in the world. Throughout his career he has worked with some of the biggest names in music, movies, and TV and has been involved in promotional campaigns with some of the world’s most successful and best known brands, all while learning the ins and outs of partnership marketing.
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